Friday, 9 August 2019

Interesting relation between oral hygiene and Alzheimer’s disease

In this new era, our education and research work in different field evolves like a volcano and helps in understanding the relation of cause and its result. As a continuation of this great work, the researchers of Norway in the university of Bergen have discovered a clear connection between oral health and Alzheimer's disease.

The researchers have done their work to determine the gingivitis or gum disease plays a decisive role in whether a person develops Alzheimer's or not.

Researchers found out through DNA proofing that the bacteria which causes gingivitis can move from the mouth to the brain. This proof is given by the researchers Piotr Mydel at Broegelmanns research laboratory, department of clinical science, university of Bergen(UiB).

Study Reveals The Bacteria Produces a Protein That destroys nerve cells in the brain which in turn leads to loss of memory and ultimately Alzheimer's.

Researchers Mydel point out that the bacteria is not causing Alzheimers alone,but the presence of these bacteria raise the risk for developing the disease substantially and are also implicated in a more rapid progression of the disease. After all this, the good news is that this study shows that there are some things you can do yourself to slow down Alzheimer's.

This whole study proposes that “Brush your teeth and use floss”.Researchers Mydel adds that it is important if you have established gingivitis and have Alzheimer's in your family, to go to your dentist regularly and clean your teeth properly.

According to this study, the gingivitis bacteria can move from mouth to the brain and releases some enzyme to which can destroy the nerve cells in the brain.
Researchers examined 53 people with Alzheimer's and discovered enzymes in 96% of the cases. Due to this, researchers find possible ways and a new approach for controlling Alzheimer's.

Piotr Mydel and their research team managed to develop a drug that blocks the harmful enzymes from the bacteria, postponing the development of Alzheimer's.
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